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    "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." ~Memoirs of the life and writings of Benjamin Franklin


    The year is 858A.D. It is by my writings that the events known of these few heroic people is known. Anduruna is quick to put this story beneath the piles of lies that exist. Liable to cause riots, they would say. Yet, the sacrifices done should be remembered. Many died to ensure that the formation of a better tomorrow. I would say that their actions were noble as they stopped the insanity of dictatorship and the death of the Viscount. I was among those who died. They were my friends and I shall never forget. - Captain Darius Orum (whom would later be tried for treason and executed)

    In 846 A.D., the people have called for action to the growing unrest. Many would call it an "increase in crime" in order to cover up the true cause of war waged within the shadows. The people worry about the change of society as Anduruna becomes more centralized and is destroying the very thing that made the people special. Powers are becoming more and more regulated, causing many to rise against their people.

    Action must be done, for those who have turned against the Viscount have turned to violence that threaten the lives of countless Dreamkeepers. The Viscount has assembled a committee to find and select the most able bodied officers in order to perform the most risky of actions. Investigating and apprehending the leaders of the group known as the Pax'libertas, whom are suspected of the crimes yet are not proven.

    It is an agreement by all districts with approval of the Viscount, to create a team made up of all districts in the hopes to combine their efforts in ending the crisis and return Anduruna to peace.

    Each individual who desires to join the thread need to work on at least 2 characters, one who would side with the IDPF (Intre-destrict Police Force) and one that is with Pax'libertas. This may be omitted if you are planning to have a character that is a neutral third part. However, you may be asked to provide NPCs for this initial part. This is for those who want to have their character's recruitment history known by the people. Now, this will have some later affect and will be connected.

    Note: Possible GMs may be recruited which allows them to place down NPC characters as well as have direct access to plot prevalent information. You need only to apply and submit an application on why you think you are able to be a GM. This will help me keep the thread up and running.

    Like all applications you must provide an extensive report so that we have something to refer to as well as OOC knowledge regarding your characters existence. If you plan to betray your selected faction, simply tell me. This way we keep some sense of suspense.


    In a single thread, there is no way to get everything that is needed to flesh out this story. There would be at least 10 pages for every single person and we would ignore each other. As such, I believe it would be alright if you feel that you must post up a side story that would be a more private affair between two or so characters. These are acceptable and will be referenced as occurring provided that [IL] is within the title of the topic.

    This is a character driven story and is meant to explore the concepts of morality, emotions, and other factors. As a result, this will have few small scale investigation and more emphasis the interactions of characters. However, there will be a common mechanic that must be administrated by a GM of the Independence Lost Series called "Death Roll".


    Depending on the severity of a main battle, mandatory damage phase will occur. Since no conflict is without risk, any main story-line event will feature a "Death Roll". Players will be assigned a number that will be coordinated with their 1-3 characters involved with an event. Since their will most likely be over 6 characters in the rp, a random number generator will be used to randomly select 6 people who will receive "Possible injury".

    Out of the six possible injuries, five will be randomly chosen to have minor injuries which can range from a deep scratch to a minor break. The non-chosen may receive a serious injury.This player can simply accept a sever injury, and the mechanic is stopped. However, by accepting the injury the player forfeits possible benefits that increase their chances of survival as well as exemption from the next death roll.

    If a character were to accept the chance part, they will receive a dice roll which can be modified based on armor, character fitness, character attributes, ect. This dice roll will have have consequence as follows.

    1 roll: Player will receive an injury that is really only a minor injury (a deep gash/sprain/ect)
    2-3 roll: Player will receive a major injury that will put them out of commission for a 1-2 minor plot-lines/0 Major Plot-lines.
    4-5 roll: Player will receive a very serious injury that could end up in death, if the player wishes. The player will be out from the time of injury till after the next major plot-line. As a make up for missing a major plot, a plot-line will be made which the affected character will have a player specific plot within the main chronology.
    6 roll: Player will die do to injury, or instantly when hit.


    These is for your modification bonus to the Death Roll. A player may have up to 10 attributes to affect their character. However, at least 5 detracting attributes must be chosen in order to be an acceptable character. Depending on a scenario some attributes will have no affect and may act in a negative manner. For each Death Roll, their will be a display on what attributes are neutralized or render negative. These attributes must be seen in RP and may be countered by obtained items, training, side-plots which are approved by GMs or events.

    Pure Emphasis (choose 2; indicate preferred)
    Strength Emphasis
    Speed Emphasis
    Accuracy Emphasis
    Stealth Emphasis
    Powers Emphasis

    Positive/Negative Attribute
    (Indicate if it is +/-/0)

    Rating Armor:
    Hand-to-hand Combat skills:
    Weapon Skills:
    First Aid:
    Demolitions Disposal:
    Pain Tolerance:

    Others: If you can think up more then indicate and show if it has a +/- impact. I reserve the right to request a change to the attribute indicated.

    Please use following form when registering:

    Name: (What is your name. If multiple indicate the pseudo-name and true-name)

    Age: (Put in the age of your character)

    Species: (What species is the character?)

    Gender: (Are they male or female?)

    Affiliation: (IDPF, Pax, Neutral)

    RP Type: (Player controlled or Non-player controlled)

    District/Origin Of Birth: (Please select one of the district as your ‘home district’)

    Abilities/Skills: (List or describe any knowledgeable skills of characters you play, the means they are used and possibly any physical characteristics of importance.)

    Level Of Power Mastery: (Define as not-realized, novice, patron, adept, experienced and sagely levels (novice being least skilled and sagely being most skilled)

    Pet(s): (Yes/no. If yes, then what?)

    Description: (Please fill out a small sample of the physical characteristics of this character)

    History: (What is the history of your character? Please do not mention how they are recruited. Foundations is the way which they become a true member/selected to be apart of IDPF. If you are neutral, Pax, or npc, then you may go as extensive as you want. Minimum 5 paragraphs.)

    Any questions, comment or requests, let me know.

    To join Independence Lost post up your bio and have in the title [IL-(your characters faction name)]. Please have one profile per topic.

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