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    [IL-Pax'Libertas] Xenophon Delos

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    [IL-Pax'Libertas] Xenophon Delos Empty [IL-Pax'Libertas] Xenophon Delos

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    Name: Priest Xenophon "Patience" Delos
    District: Theophanies
    Age: 77
    Species: Hawk
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Pax'libertas
    RP Type: Player Controlled

    Abilities/Skills: Past-sight; The ability to touch any person or made-by person object and see into the past at the moment within the time long past. The further in the past, the more difficult the use of the power as well as cloudiness of the image seen. This power has the ability to be transferred to another.
    Level Of Power Mastery: Sagely

    Pure Emphasis
    Powers Emphasis Only

    Positive/Negative Attribute
    (Indicate if it is +/-/0)

    ~Empathy: (+3)
    ~Rating Armor: (-3)
    ~Hand-to-hand Combat skills: (-2)
    ~Weapon Skills: (-2)
    ~First Aid: (+2)
    ~Demolitions: (0)
    ~Demolitions Disposal: (0)
    ~Temperament: (+2)
    ~Perception: (0)
    ~Pain Tolerance: (-2)
    ~Fitness:  (-2)
    ~Climbing: (0)
    ~Lock-picking: (0)
    ~Acrobatics: (0)
    ~Health: (-3)
    ~Endurance: (-2)
    ~Cunning: (+3)
    ~Willpower: (+3)
    ~Leadership: (+3)
    ~Fellowship: (0)
    -4 Attribute rating

    Pet(s): Yes, Air(3/4)-black ryuu(1/4)-neko Mix

    Description: With golden-tipped white-colored feathers. He wears a priest robe adorn with golden markings on a red vestment. His structure is frail and rather weak looking. Even his eye sight lacks the strength of most which causes him to have thick glasses over his eyes as well as a tired look from his age. His voice, however, is still strong and does hold strength after all the years he has been apart of the worshipers to Sacrare.

    He is crowned as a Sancti Arbiter in Rubro Panno, a leader of priest with red robes who are tasked with the spread of the word of Sacrare as well as their interpretation. The Rubro Panno are more at risk for being cast out of the priesthood then the keepers of the rights and words (Albo Panno) or the crypt or history of Sacrare worship past (LĂșcida Panno). As such, his rank of Sancti Arbiter holds significant honor as it means he is the leader and guider of the priest spread of Sacrare, as difficult as it is.

    History: Among the countless years of Xenophon's counsel to the Order of Sacrare. Even as a young Dreamkeeper, Xenophon was noticed for his calm and even serene sense of the world and the place of spirits. It was by his request that he was given the red cloth as opposed to white cloth. As a surprise to many of the priests, the Priest of Patience had a more tame message then most of the priests of the red cloth.

    Delos developed a good following after teaching his view on the place of spirits during the nearly 40 years of his preaching and his acts of charity. Unlike some of Sacrare's more zealous followers, Delos would hold many festivals and would personally see to those who were miserable or troubled by affairs that were beyond him. His kindness was seen as far reaching and open. There were times that he used his powers to help those who couldn't let go of the past.

    His power of past sight helped many people find closure as well as find peace within themselves as he would show them what they had forgotten or explain the true purpose of powers. In his view, the use of powers was a way to become closer to the spirits of the world beyond. Only by pruning and nursing the powers within could a person achieve inner peace. Many of his views are seen as wrong by many of the priests, however, the supporters he brought were some of the most kind and generous of the district.

    As a result of his good will he was given the title of Sancti Arbiter, a holy man who mediates the true way with the way of the material. While many saw the way of Sacrare as a ancient irrelevant practice of the old ways, Xenophon taught it in a manner that brought people more at peace as oppose to worshiping the fallen. He also advocated for the people to approach their belief in a the way that best helps their own life and way. He tells that he is not there to command, simply guide; those who wish to follow need only to follow, those who do not want to follow are free to choose.

    The Praxis was among some of the things that Xenophon says should be read yet not forced. While he doesn't openly support the text, he doesn't object to it. Many of the priests believe that he was the original write of the Praxis, or at least knows that one who wrote it. While the text condemns the actions of a corrupt government, it does tell many of the teachings that Xenophon teaches and as such makes him a suspect to the rise of Pax'libertas, yet unable to be proven as its member or possible leader.

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