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    General RP Rules Empty General RP Rules

    Post  Admin on Mon Feb 04, 2013 1:54 pm

    Here are some simple rules we want everyone to follow please.

    1: Be respectful of those around you. This is a community of people whom wish to have fun. TO play out your desires and such, with a character in a comic setting. If you come here to just annoy or throw yourself around to others it will not be accepted. Do not harass others for changing their posts or not putting enough into their threads just respect the limitations of others and use them how you can.

    2. Do not go yelling, cursing or basically 'bashing' persons you do not like. If this happens, it will be VERY unwanted and staff will conveine. If I, The Administrator, has to be called into a issue I'll be fair. Yet I will also be very clear on my decisions and will not think twice of banning anyone that purposefully harasses others.

    3. When posting it is best to not make one line responses. Try to give some emotional detail or literal ones. If you really are stumped, you might request someone else take a turn, and hope to get more inspiration. IF you are truly unable to respond than write a message, that you can delete/edit later, just telling others you'll need time.

    4. When the rule of "God-mod" is put in. If you are in a fight, you can say you punched, you zapped or even that you threw a bloody mailbox or something like that into their chest, head or whatever. Yes, you CAN god-mod within effect. Yet you can not god-mod to the point you just overpower the person over and over. The same is for the other player, they can say they punched, kicked or zapped you. Depending what kind of character you or they are playing, that will mean a lot. You can not kill another player's character unless A: It is agreed to by the original player, or B: A character was chosen by Administration Vote which will happen during some major events, but usually these characters will not be played by players outside of knowing their characters are on the 'death block'

    5. Romance - ALL PLAYERS MUST BE MATURE ABOUT THIS! I will allow you to be physical with each other. Kissing, touching is okay. Anything further requires you be both consenting and a full relationship can be persuade. Please keep it PG-13.

    6. The play of characters in multiple threads will be both necessary and complicated. There will be ‘tags’ to RP that are not the main story of your character. Think of them as ‘side quests’ from your character. In these side quests anything may happen. ALSO should you need to RP outside of the storyline and perhaps try something new, you may find boards to do this. The Personal RP boards will allow players to play outside of the site and any limitations even space exploration.

    7. If you break any of these rules you will be spoken to about it, and if any of these things keep being an issue the only recourse is full banning.

    8. Most Important. Have fun.

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