Based off of the comic series, Dreamkeepers.

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    Name: Danica Agrotera
    District: Kojiki
    Age: 28
    Species: Pure Fennec
    Gender: Female
    Affiliation: IDPF
    RP Type: Player Controlled

    Abilities/Skills: Dreamcrafting; The ability to enter the subconscious of a single or multiple target*. This ability is highly dependent of several variables and has the possibility of negative side effects to both a victim or to the caster. It allows for Danica to project her thoughts and mind to alter and manipulate the sub consciousness of another through suggestion, manipulation or persuasion. This ability is mainly used to retrieve information or motive of a criminal based on their reactions to her cohesion- i.e. a scenario would be placed into a suspects mind with every tool and scenery of the crime scene, their subconscious would play through the scene and commit the crime in the manner that they would remember it. This ability how was merely a way to gain perspective as well as possible hints to evidence missed. It is also possible for her to cause a mind agony by forcibly causing traumatizing images or sooth a mind with calm and peace-bringing images.

    This ability is miss-categorized as "Dreamcrafting", due to the ability only being able to be used on a victim and create "dreams" or "visions". This is not true do to the following rules regarding her ability.

    1. The name of whom the power is used on MUST be known; the complete first, middle, and last name.
    2. The caster MUST be still and have the image of the person and their name in mind.
    3. The person whom the power is casted one MUST have weakened mental barriers (i.e. hibernating, coma, mentally diminished, intoxication or any inhibitors on cognitive functions reminiscent of hibernation.)
    4. Multiple castings is possible ONLY when the caster has enough power and the targets are very weak.
    5. The caster CAN be injured and should remain undetected. If detected, the caster WILL lose a mental fight. Deception is the only escape if discovered. If the caster is killed, they will die or lose mental function. If the person whom the power is used on is killed, they will simply wake. As such, manipulation is the true staple of the ability.
    6. IF the power is used multiple times on a single target, the target may suffer degradation of mental function or be mended into a shell of their former self.
    7. This ability can be used to heal a mind; however it is temporary, and only holds off an inevitable mental failure. In other words, it cannot heal the insane, and only provides a remedy for symptoms.

    Level Of Power Mastery: Experienced

    Pure Emphasis
    Speed Emphasis (preferred)
    Powers Emphasis

    Positive/Negative Attribute

    (Indicate if it is +/-/0)

    ~Empathy: Danica has a notable tendency to understand the feelings of the Dreamkeepers around her. This sometimes leads to her own conflict with orders and personal will. (+)
    ~Rating Armor: Danica's armor is concealment as opposed to defensive. She doesn't wear armor or will wear darker clothing. (-2)
    ~Hand-to-hand Combat skills: Instead of primary focus on heavier weapons, Danica depends on the speed of close ranged fighting. (+2)
    ~Weapon Skills: Danica's weapon skill is not to par with her powers. It is about average. (0)
    ~First Aid: Danica doesn't know much first aid besides bandaging, cleaning, and pain relief which the average Joe may use. (0)
    ~Demolitions: Not a demolitionist. (0)
    ~Demolitions Disposal: She can identify bombs, but not personally disarm them. (+)
    ~Temperament: Though understanding, Danica can be quick to temper. She has radical shifts in mood such as happiness one moment to intense anger the next. (-)
    ~Perception: Rather situational awareness, Danica is good at objectively looking at a problem and finding a solution. (+)
    ~Pain Tolerance: Her pain-tolerance is notably higher when it comes to physical altercation. However, she bears an intense weakness to loud noises as well as mental injury. (-2)
    ~Fitness: Physical fitness is a mandatory requirement for AISTARU (Advanced Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance Unit.) in Kojiki. (+2)
    ~Climbing: Along with physical fitness, AISTARU Agents are taught to be efficient climbers. (+)
    ~Running: Running is an important part of fitness. (+)
    ~Lock-picking: The ability to lock pick is an important skill. (+)
    ~Acrobatics: Physical training. (+2)
    ~Health: Though physically fit, Danica suffers terrible sensitivity to noise, prone to mental injury, prone to periods of intense pain as well as a phenomena brought on by her power, "nightmares". This cause her to be a insomniac as well as increase risk of depressive episodes. (-3)
    ~Endurance: Do to her physical training, she has high amounts of endurance. (+2)
    ~Cunning: Cunning is not a trait that she has in high amounts. (0)
    ~Willpower: Strength of resolve. (+)
    ~Leadership: She is not a leader. (0)
    ~Fellowship: She is a follower.(+)
    ~Piety: She had a respect for men of faith, but it is do to respect and not of faith. (0)
    +8 Attribute rating

    Pet(s): Yes, Plant ryuu-nekos pure-breed

    Description: A rather short stature woman, Danica stands at approximately 5'2". She is described as a quiet, introvert and normally works at night. She has only a few friends and normally opens up when in the proper setting. The "proper" setting is normally in a quiet place away from the ears of others. Though a shy creature, she does exhibit friendly tendencies such as a good-will towards others and relative respect. Loyal to allies and stern in moral standings, she can sometimes be described as strict and rather stubborn. Also, she can be at times manipulative and rather calculating, using others to fuel her own objectives. Normally, she is in control of her emotions, but sometimes is prone to rage as well as depression. Her "depression" normally stems from high stress situations as well as some parts of her history and even her power, which she view as a "siren" or "temptress". Sometimes, she believes that her power is slowly causing her to go crazy, though a psychologist she sees regularly tells her that it isn't the case.

    She has normal Fennec Fox colors, such as light cream-like brown-gold fur. Her fur is thin, except when nearing her tail. It mainly is the same color as her body fur, but the tip is white like her paws. Her eyes are a hazel color. Her muscles are defined as well as her face. The way her face is shaped is similar to a stature, with a gaze that is almost haunting or able to pierce a person. Her ears are longer the normal foxes. She normally wears a black duster coat, but will remove it to reveal a black sleeveless sweeter and dark gray cargo pants that are neatly kept. On her neck are dog-tags that tell her false name, occupation, and a rank.When using her power, her halo is a silver color but also appears to be tarnished.

    History: Amongst the families of the Kojiki, the family known as Ryukyu Clan. The family owned land on the coastline of Kojiki. The clan has many interactions with the district government and profits from the trade of supplies and architecture work. The Ryukyu Clan is known for its adherence to the roles and regulation of customs as well as its push to better establish Kojiki claim to the island Kittim. Most importantly, the clan created a monument to the lives lost in the times of the monarchy which left many dead.

    It is rumored that the Ryukyu Clan built a library that held the documents and records that were from this chaotic period. It isn't known how far the library goes back to as well as proof of its existence. However, as time progressed the Ryukyu Clan grew more and more regimented and isolated from the rest of Kojiki, only going out to find new blood to bring into the clan.

    The union of the male clan leader to an outsider from the government of Kojiki wasn't a major event for the people outside the clan's home as it was to the clan itself. Yet, it was allowed and gave life to 4 children of the clan; Illia, Elysha, Nanzan, and Satto. Each child was called upon the clan to become an exemplar. As such, they called upon the service of a priest from Theophanies to bestow upon the child of which discipline the children should be come an exemplar. Illia was chosen to become the Exemplar of Powers, Elysha of Healing, Nanzan of fighting and Satto the Exemplar of Governance. With these "predictions", the Ryukyu Clan pushed the children to fulfill their roles as the priest told them.

    Illia training was seemingly impossible, due to her ability being unable to manifest. It wasn't until Illia was 12 that it was realized her ability had manifested relatively early due to the push and emphasis of her family. However, the power had negatively affect the trainer. His actions had deteriorated after apparently seeing images of people around him trying to kill him.

    It was believed by Illia's family that she had the power to insight fear, causing a target to become hysterical. Oriana, fearing that her children would be used as weapons by the growing ambition of her husband, took her daughters into hiding. Yet, news soon spread that the Ryukyu Clan had violated mandates of Sabbaton and as such were cast into exile. Oriana changed her name as well as her daughter's names resulting in the names Danica and Eclair.

    After escaping the indoctrination of the Ryukyu Clan, the two had developed their powers and as such has an edge compared to the normal 18 year old who most never realized their powers. Danica went down the route of becoming an officer in Kojiki, even enrolling in their AISTARU Program in order to excel, due in part to her implosive urge for perfection. Her sister joined the local clinics in order to aid the sick (whom eventual house Oriana due to mental illness) and was given a permit to use her powers of healing potion creation (which uses ingredients and transforms them into a healing elixir; the more toxic, volatile, or rare the ingredients, the better the healing affect).

    Danica rose to the rank of AISTARU Investigator for the Kojiki District Police.

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