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    [IL-Neutral] Lycurgus the Honorable

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    [IL-Neutral] Lycurgus the Honorable Empty [IL-Neutral] Lycurgus the Honorable

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    Name: Lycurgus the Honorable
    District: Norvondire
    Age: 33
    Species: White wolf (1/2); White fox(1/2)
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Neutral
    RP Type: Player Controlled

    Abilities/Skills: Exchange Pain; The ability to pass physical injury between two individuals. This power requires that a target or two give Lycurgus direct eye contact. His ability is able to be used only once a day amongst a pair of tranferees.
    Level Of Power Mastery: Adept

    Pure Emphasis
    Strength Emphasis (preferred)
    Accuracy Emphasis

    Positive/Negative Attribute
    (Indicate if it is +/-/0)

    ~Rating Armor: (+2)
    ~Hand-to-hand Combat skills: (+)
    ~Weapon Skills: (+3)
    ~First Aid: (-)
    ~Demolitions: (0)
    ~Demolitions Disposal: (0)
    ~Temperament: (0)
    ~Perception: (0)
    ~Pain Tolerance: (+)
    ~Fitness:  (+)
    ~Climbing: (-)
    ~Lock-picking: (-)
    ~Acrobatics: (-2)
    ~Health: (+)
    ~Endurance: (-)
    ~Cunning: (+)
    ~Willpower: (+)
    ~Leadership: (+)
    ~Fellowship: (0)
    +6 Attribute rating

    Pet(s): No

    Description: Lycurgus's fur is a snow white color with a rather tall and broad build. Standing at about 6'5" and 190 lbs, Lycurgus has a rather commanding and imposing figure. His strength is mainly due to his massive size and weight. He normally is covered by thick armor and a steal mask used to intimidate as well as for protection. He has a dew marks on his face that represents his advanced training offered by the first initiative for inter-district cooperation. The training there was highly focused on improving skills that normally are not meet in basic training.

    He was trained to be a charismatic individual, and a born leader. He has had several meetings with the Viscount and is among some of the higher stances of the Norvondire. As such when he isn't in heavy armor, he wears more higher aristocrat uniforms. Like many Norvondire families, he has a stern and strong demeanor.

    History: Born to a lowly family, Lycurgus worked much of his early life in performing tasks for the higher lords in Norvondire. His entire life was devoted to achieving greatness. Among the lower class, many of the people who lived alongside him have looked up to him. Lycurgus was naturally charismatic, able to convince many of his friends to join him when he became a part of the Norvondire Inquisitors.

    As in Inquisitor, Lycurgus enjoyed a great deal of respect amongst the people as a honorable and noble man. His actions always reflected well for his office and eventually, his nobility drew the eye of the Viscount, who knew of his rise from obscurity to glory. At the age of 21, Lycurgus was given the rank of High Inquisitor and the access to highest levels of training.

    His task, along with all Inquisitors, is to understand and know the vast history of the city, the districts, and the people. It is rumored that they have access to many documents that are not available to the eyes of the public. However, in the last decade, the Inquisitors have lost much favor. Lycurgus high status was changed to become the Adviser of Internal Affairs. It was under his recommendation that the IDPF should form.

    However, Lycurgus is not the leader of the council and simply serves as the aid to the Viscount. He is still held in high status, yet his own desire is to lead a force to stop the bloodshed and to restore the peace and balance of the land. He adheres to many of the stereotypes of Norvondire and seems to value militaristic rule and adherence. The IDPF is under his watchful eyes, but looks for a single slip up that may cause him to call for reform.

    Lycurgus, himself, is known to be an imposing figure and a powerful speaker. He has ran for the position of Viscount, only to fail at achieving the rank for a less assertive leader, whom doesn't desire to completely outlaw powers, much to the anger of Lycurgus. Though his methods differ from the Viscount, he stands by his idea of the so called "City Guard", whom he says is the better solution then that of the IDPF. Only time can tell the truth...

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